Our Business

In 1996, we started a business focused exclusively on web development. While many disciplines encompass web development, our mainstay has simply been just that and 28 years later, we are still here. That alone speaks volumes!

Can a website only be defined by how good the web developer behind it is? Perhaps so.

In a day and age of "do-it-yourself" everything, the old adage "a jack of all trades and a master of none" comes to mind. We've thought long and hard about this and how it relates exclusively to the industry in which we are in—web development.

Do-it-yourself template-based websites don’t always pan out as they should. This is one reason why we still custom program, or code, our clients’ websites. The result? A custom website that functions the way you intended, allowing you to manage areas of content without the hassles of those do-it-yourself platforms. All at a fair price.

Furthermore, custom programming allows us to be more innovative as concepts and ideas can be custom programmed without the constraints imposed by one single platform.

Much like a website being only as good as the web developer behind it, a product is only as good as the support. A touchstone of our business from day one has been our top-tier customer service and response. Just because we're in business doesn't mean we have forgotten what it's like to be a customer. We continue to pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned for unparalleled service and support to make it all work. If in doubt, simply ask around.

Custom Programming

Custom programming allows us to build a website around your unique needs. Do you want to manage website content on your own? We can develop custom content management areas within your website as well.

No WordPress or Templates

Why pay a web developer to use platforms that are vulnerable to hackers or predesigned templates that are available to anyone? Like our programming, our website designs are custom.

Mobile Website Development

When finished, our websites will work and display on desktop computers and will automatically respond to mobile devices for easier navigation.

Dedicated Hosting in the USA

With a U.S.-based dedicated server, we have total access to your website and the programming behind it. This is also important for the security of your website.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Whether it be our fast response time or attention to clients' needs, our customer service is a touchstone we have become known for.

Redundant Website Backup

An essential component should it ever be needed, a backup of your website and data is performed automatically.

28 Years in the Copper Country

Longevity always speaks volumes. While others have come and gone, we pride ourselves in knowing that what we set out to do 28 years ago is what we are still doing today.

RE/MAX Douglass Real Estate

This project not only targeted a complete overhaul of their website visually, but also included new features such as a dynamic listing map. Retaining and upgrading exisiting components such as listing database programming and a custom user login were also a priority.

BKG Shelter Home

The Barbara Kettle Gundlach Shelter Home project consisted of a complete overhaul of both their website navigation/content and design. The project also incorporated more features enabling form-based interaction for their donor and volunteer involvement efforts.

Isle Royale Line

A custom reservation system was developed, allowing the Isle Royale Line (Isle Royale Queen) to transition from a very antiquated system. The result was cost saving to avoid booking fees while simultaneously providing them with an entirely new website design.

Credit Services

Credit Services has been with Opusweb for 16 years. In this latest rendition of their website, they wanted to streamline their online presence and decided to take advantage of a pared-down interface for ease of use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Village of South Range

The Village of South Range determined they could no longer continue using a template-based system for their website. Custom programming was developed for specific areas which now allows them to manage key sections of their website far more efficiently.

BHK Child Development

After seven years with the same website, BHK returned to have their site completely overhauled. This overhaul included a completely redeveloped navigation menu with streamlined content, high-resolution photography and the ability to manage content where necessary.

Tri-County Public Defenders

Tri-County Public Defenders requested a clean and modern website that would incorporate their new logo of the same aformentioned aesthetics. A one-page concept to incorporate all of their information, while still utilizing a traditional navigation menu, was the solution.

Houghton Housing Commission

The Houghton Housing Commission has been a client for the past 21 years. Recently, they implemented a new logo and have increased their properties. The new website needed to be expanded upon to include floor plans and up-to-date photography.

Since 1996, our mainstay has only been web development. 28 years later, we are still here.

That speaks volumes.


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