Our 25 Years

A lot has happened online since we first started our business in 1996. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable.

We all know how the internet has changed over the years. This change or evolution continues to happen at an even faster pace today. Online shopping, once looked at as a revolutionary idea, is now commonplace. Taking entire websites and making sure they automatically reformat themselves to be viewable on handheld devices is essential.

Technological advancements aside, design and general aesthetics of web content have also changed in a category seemingly all by itself. We've changed over the years, too. Below, go back in time and see how our approach through design has changed with our very own websites since 1996.

Our Logos

Logos are important. Oftentimes, they're one of the first design elements someone sees when visiting a website. Just as a lot has changed online in 24 years, so have our logos.

The year was 1996 and Opus Web Technologies officially became a partnered web development firm. At the time, the dot-com bubble was in high gear. This paved the way for high-tech names, fonts and logos which by today's standards, can look and even sound a bit dated. Because we are a partnership, we wanted to convey two people bringing two unique aptitudes together to create one business. That was the foundation for the "circle" logo that carried the company all the way into early 2003.

In 2003, well after the dot-com bubble had already burst, it was time for a change. The catalyst to change our logo didn't come from tiring of the old, but rather a customer-service related phone call to a well-known retailer—Gap, Inc. Anyone making a call to this retailer back in the day, one would hear "Thanks for calling GAP.com." Not many retailers, companies or organizations were doing that and it left an impression on us. It became the inspiration and the impetus for us to change to "opusWeb.com." With the ushering in of the new logo, for the first time ever, we decided to adopt the tagline "Professional Web Development. Clearly." This logo remained with us for the next 16 years with only minor enhancements to color and the tagline.

Our present-day logo, much like our first in 1996, is representative of two or more things coming together to make one. The internet today is more than just a repository of websites. It's a vast array of data, programming, design and functionality. When we look at our computer or mobile screens, what is displayed is made up of thousands of miniscule illuminated square or rectangular dots called pixels. Each one of those pixels plays an important part in what appears on the screen. Like each square or rectangular dot, or pixel, each square in our present-day logo is representative of everything coming together in web development—perfectly placed and positioned to make up what is the first letter in the name of our business—the letter "O".

Calumet Township

Wanting to make the switch to a mobile-friendly website was important to Calumet Township. In addition, streamlining their online content management was something they found beneficial. Making use of large imagery also enhances the visitor experience.


The leading manufacturer of production equipment for the diagnostic culture media industry, ONLINE-Engineering moved away from the complexities of WordPress and opted to rely on Opusweb for custom design, programming and ongoing support.


As the North American distributor for AIRMAN and Grid To Go, ANA required a complete website overhaul that accurately reflected their operation both visually and functionally. The modern and creative new design meshes well with easy-to-find spec sheets and manuals.

Portage Township

Portage Township wanted to make the transition to a mobile-friendly website. We were able to transition them from their old site to the new while still retaining the functionality that allowed them to manage meeting minutes and township news & announcements.

Lake View Cemetery

Lake View Cemetery not only wanted to develop their first website, but also wanted online mapping for their burial plots. To accomplish this, a plot map was developed and combined with custom programming, allows for easy online updating that they can control.

Superior Properties

As a new client, the project included the development of a mobile/responsive website that integrates with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for property listings. The custom design and development was a complete overhaul from the client's previous online presence.

Lake Fanny Hooe Resort

A customer for 19 years, Lake Fanny Hooe Resort wanted to make improvements to their online presence and opted for a new website. One requirement was to make sure the new website worked on mobile devices with a design that complements their resort.

Keweenaw County

Having the same website for nearly 12 years, Keweenaw County wanted to streamline their online presence and introduce an entirely different design. Opusweb provided a photo-rich main page and a custom content management system for predefined areas of the site.

Since 1996, our mainstay has only been web development. 25 years later, we are still here.

That speaks volumes.


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